15.05.2017 07:46 Age: 2 yrs
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EuRoC Showcasing Workshop


Date: 2017-05-15 till 2017-05-17

Type: Evaluation Meeting (partialy closed to the public)

Venue: Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart, Germany








EuRoC consists of three industry-relevant Challenges in the scenarios of 1) Reconfigurable Interactive Manufacturing Cell, 2) Shop Floor Logistics and Manipulation and 3) Plant Servicing and Inspection.

The three EuRoC Challenges are organized into three successive stages, which increase in complexity from simulation to real work environments. Stage 1 consisted of a simulation contest and a written proposal from which 15 Challenger Teams (5 per Challenge) advanced to Stage 2 and received funding up to € 375K each to further develop their solutions. In Stage 2, the 15 Challengers were given access to the leading robotics platforms in Europe, and supported by the challenge hosts (Fraunhofer IPA, DLR and ETHZ) in their developments. Only 6 teams (2 per Challenge) will make it into the final Stage 3 with an additional funding of € 210K each, where the finalists will compete at a public event to demonstrate their solutions in practical field tests, before 1 EuRoC winner is finally announced.

In this workshop organized by Fraunhofer IPA, the 15 teams will present their developments to an evaluation board composed of leading robotics experts from research and industry, in order to determine the 6 teams advancing to the next stage.

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