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Company: Telerobot Labs Srl


Address: Via Buccari 9, 16153 Genova, Italy

Contact: Giovanni Stellin (Tel: +39 010 2518057, stellin(at)


Company Profile:

Telerobot Labs S.r.l. is a robotics and industrial automation enterprise based in Genoa, Italy. Telerobot Labs S.r.l. was formerly a Business Unit of Telerobot SpA (founded 2001), known as Telerobot Concept Labs; it has become independent since February 2014.

Telerobot Labs’s expertise has been evolving through the years, gaining and improving new competences in the field of advanced machines, robotics, automation and furthermore in all those interdisciplinary fields that require the integration of mechanics, electronics and computer science. Telerobot Labs Srl offers high level competences and "turnkey" solutions in design, development and production of robotic and mechatronic devices; new products concept and industrialization; robotic business development; academy to business services.

Telerobot Labs Srl has a broad track record in several application fields, in particular:

  • off-shore inspection and service devices;
  • nuclear teleoperated machines for inspection and decommissioning;
  • industrial automation;
  • lab automation;
  • robotic rehabilitation devices;
  • humanoid robotics;
  • defense;
  • "green" processing technologies.

Telerobot Labs also offers a broad range of manufacturing capabilities and provides its support to customers and research partners.

Telerobot Labs successfully took part in several national and EU projects, among them Jetcut (Craft FP5), Robot-Cub (IP FP6), RobotDoc (ITN FP7) and Echord (IP FP7). Ongoing funded projects are Fibers (LIFE+), Oncorobot (IT-MISE), H@H (IT-MIUR)


Expertise description:

Telerobot Labs Srl has a proven expertise on developing and integrating robotic systems; concerning the development of solutions that take in strong account production flexibility, smart system reconfiguration and safe interaction with the operators, the following projects can be considered as benchmark:

  • LAG-bread forming line (soft high speed food handling/processing with highly reconfigurable robotic cell). The processing of highly variable material - as bread paste - requires an “on the fly” reconfigurable compliant tool set. The developed system is based on a re-configurable set of paired robot arms with custom developed compliant tools for automated in-line bread processing. According to the reference recipe and bread size, the system can be easily reconfigured; the number of coupled robot installed on the production line can be changed and a flexible system of removable and reconfigurable robotic trolleys allows maximum system configuration freedom. Olive oil mixed with salt and water spread over the process line makes the system working environment more than challenging.

  • ATM-DM (high density automation cell with critical handling of high value goods and multi layered network integration). The robotic system is made of a twin compact work-cell for public transportation “ticket on demand” production. The two DM robotic cells are aimed at providing a complete and fully automated ticket manufacturing system integrated in the customer distributed network. The two machines, based on a high speed scara robot integrated with a multi functional gripper, are installed inside in a customer office and replace the production of travel ticket, originally manually made. Each cell integrates different technologies to print, handle, secure with tamper evident sealing, box and store tickets in a completely safe and monitored way. The robotic system merges different layers of communication from the local distributed bus for sub systems control then interfaces to high level IP based custom protocols for production management and data base synchronization.

  • MDI MOD2 (flexible lab automation instrument with patented novel reconfigurable layout). The robotic system has been conceived as a modular lab automation instrument for ELISA microplate protocols. The developed device integrates two custom made cartesian robots with some specific novelties aimed at improving performances in lab automation. A dedicated laser monochromatic LED reader, developed specifically for the instrument, and a reconfigurable working area ensure maximum system flexibility within the specific lab protocols.

    The MOD2 project has been followed up by the development of two analogous modular lab automation instruments: a DNA purification station and an IFA slide pre-processing.

  • NUCLECO ICS 42 (teleoperated paired robot with interchangable tools for nuclear operation) – The developed system concerns nuclear contaminated components pre-processing hot cell. The developed device is based on two concurrent robot integrated on two independent overhead cranes. The two arms are equipped with different interchangeable tools (from hydraulic scissor to pneumatic parallel gripper and from cold abrasive disc cutting tool to air/air 300A plasma torch - automatically). The control software is based on a programmable joystick and allows an operator without any robotic related competences to intuitively control the complete hot cell process by means of a simple device with a fast learning curve.

  • SDF OXYGOUGIN ROBOT (teleoperated oxy gouging (cutting) process based on industrial robot with custom made SW module). The robotic system exploits a dedicated software aimed at performing teleoperated tasks in dangerous work environment as hot forged parts defect removal with oxy gouging. The relevant overcome challenges concerned the complete lack of feedback from the ongoing gouging process, which requires “on the fly” parameter tweaking by dedicated user interface, and the need of a fast and reliable task modeling for path planning and “planned to real” model matching.

Telerobot Labs Srl is a KUKA Official System Partner (Document).




  • TLabs expertise description- ENG - 2014 (PDF)






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