Organisation: GRVC (University of Seville) and CATEC (Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies)

Website: and

Address: Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros, Avd. de los descubrimientos, 41092 Seville, Spain

Contact: Fernando Caballero (Tel: +34 954487361, fcaballero(at) and Anibal Ollero (Tel: +34 954487386, aollero(at)


Other Staff:

  • Anibal Ollero (University of Seville)
  • Fernando Caballero (University of Seville)
  • Iván Maza (University of Seville)
  • Antidio Viguria (FADA-­CATEC)
  • Miguel Ángel Trujillo (FADA-­CATEC)
  • Francisco Javier Pérez (FADA-­CATEC)


Team Profile:

The Joint Group of "Robotics, Vision and Control Group" (GRVC) of the University of Seville and the Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC) is one of the most relevant entities in aerial robotics and unmanned aerial systems. Thus, in 2013 GRVC and FADA-­CATEC had jointly 20 projects (29 contracts) devoted to this topic.

Particularly, GRVC is composed by 75 researchers and engineers with strong expertise on robotics and particularly on aerial robotics. GRVC has played an important role in aerial robotics during the last 15 years, developing fundamental and applied robotic research activities that led to more than 150 publications and 30 projects and contracts in the last four years.

CATEC is a technology centre managed by the non-­‐profit organisation Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development (FADA). The main goal is R&D on aerospace related technologies in coordination with industries, universities and other research centres. FADA-­CATEC has currently more than 70 researchers and technicians, being more than 20 of them developing UAV‐related technologies.

GRVC participated in 13 projects and 17 contracts related to aerial robotics and unmanned aerial systems since 2010, and has a long tradition in the EU FPs including 4 projects of the FP4, 3 of the FP5, 3 of the FP6 and 5 of FP7. The GRVC group was the Scientific and Technical Coordinator of the FP5 COMETS IST project on the coordination and control of multiple heterogeneous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), the first project in Europe demonstrating experimentally the cooperation of multiple UAVs with application to forest fires. GRVC coordinated the successful FP7 AWARE IST that developed and validated in field experiments a platform providing the functionalities required for the cooperation of UAVs with ground wireless networks, and joint load transportation by means of three coupled helicopters. GRVC is also the Associated Coordinator of the FP7 CONET Network of Excellence and the FP7 PLANET project. Professor Anibal Ollero, head of GRVC, is the coordinator of ARCAS that is playing a main role in the emergence of the aerial manipulation developing aerial robots arms that can be considered the firsts in the world, and also the coordinator of the EC-­SAFEMOBIL developing new techniques to increase the safety of aerial robots. Other projects have been the URUS FP6 on network robot systems, and the Spanish projects CLEAR on long endurance aerial robots, ROBAIR on the safety of aerial robots, AEROSENS on the integration of aerial and ground robots with sensor networks, and CROMAT on the cooperation of aerial and ground robots. GRVC participated in many successful technology transfers to companies including EADS, BOEING, INDRA, ITURRI Group, NAVANTIA, DEIMOS and many others. Regarding scientific production, the researchers of GRVC have published more than 150 papers in aerial robotics topics in the last five years. GRVC has organized a long list of aerial robotics workshops in robotics conferences including ICRA, IROS and euRobotics. Professor Anibal Ollero is also the Co-­Chair of the IEEE aerial robotics and UAVs Technical Committee and coordinator of the Aerial Robotics Topic Group of euRobotics.

FADA-­CATEC researchers have been working in numerous UAV-­related European research projects like FP7 PLANET project on the application of unmanned aerial vehicles and ground sensor networks to environment conservation and airport automation, EC‐SAFEMOBIL (FP7) on the development of methodologies applied to distributed control and estimation techniques applied to multi-­vehicle systems, ARCAS (FP7) on the cooperation of aerial robots with robotics arms for assembly tasks, and so on. In fact, FADA‐CATEC is the coordinator institution of the two IP projects ARCAS and EC-­ SAFEMOBIL just mentioned. Also, FADA-CATEC was an associated partner of the CONET Network of Excellence on Cooperating Objects (FP7), and participated in the Galileo project FieldCopter in the use of EGNOS to improve the navigation reliability and precision of UAV helicopter applied to precision agriculture applications. In addition of the above mentioned FP7 projects, all of them dealing with Unmanned Aerial Systems, FADA-CATEC has many other projects dealing with UAVs, including contracts with companies and projects in all the main Spanish R&D programmes, like for example the CENIT projects, SINTONIA (on-­‐board detection and tracking system for UAVs) and PROMETEO (forest fire fighting), and the INNPRONTA projects ADAM (Automation of Autonomous Mobility), and PERIGEO where its main topics is the development of a 3D navigation system for space applications validated using UAVs. Finally, FADA‐CATEC posses state of the art facilities and labs to develop technologies related to aerial robots, including hardware and software development labs. Also, it counts with an indoor multi-­‐vehicle testbed with a VICON system of 16x16x5 meters that can be used for preliminary testing of the implementation of the use case.


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